The Green Family | Marietta Family Session

One thing I have quickly learned about living in the city of Marietta is just how small a town it is and how everyone seriously knows everyone.

When we bought our house we moved into the same neighborhood as the the Green’s and it turns out that their kids go to the same school with many families that we know and they have friends with a number of mutual friends as us from church and the neighborhood. Not just that, in Mitchell’s current role at his company he reports to Anthony and Anthony was the one who actually interviewed and hired Mitchell over 5 years ago! Even though we have been neighbors now for a few months and Mitchell has worked for Anthony for a while, I didn’t get to meet Anthony or Katie until the evening of their photo shoot but it felt like I already knew them.

We had so much fun walking around taking photos. Katie knows a thing or two about photography and has taught her kids how to smile for the camera. I didn’t really have to give any direction because they all knew what to do. That made my job extremely easy plus the fact that they are such a photogenic family. Their kids were so sweet and polite, gave me the biggest smile for every photo!

Hazel scrunches her face and shoulders when she giggles and Hamp made all kinds of funny expressions throughout the shoot which kept me laughing as I went back through to edit and they are just adorable!

Scroll through to see a sample of their session, it’s worth it!

These photos may seem odd next to each other but this is the photo I was taking of Hazel while sweet Hamp was trying to make her laugh behind me.


In the picture above I asked Hamp to put his hand in his pockets to take a photo of just him and then I asked the rest of the family join for a family photo and he kept his hands in his pockets since I had previously asked. Buut then a tickle fight broke out and he was helpless against his mamma with his hands stuck in his pockets, sorry Hamp!! 🙂

Also, when I asked if we could do a family photo in this spot, they came over and positioned themselves like this, I didn’t even have to say anything about where to stand, pros!

Hope you like them as much as I do and thanks for letting me spend the afternoon with your family!

Love, Cally

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