Kiedis Family – New Year’s Day Family Session

You know how they say ‘cousins make the best friends’? Well, it’s true! Zach is one of my youngest cousins and we grew up together with our siblings playing many games of Capture the Flag, Monopoly, various pool games and our specialty, remaking 90’s music videos.

Zach and Caitlyn live in Memphis, TN and spent a few days in Alpharetta with some of Caitlyn’s family as they made their way back home from South Florida for Christmas. Lucky for me, they stopped through Marietta and we were able to get to catch up for a little bit on New Year’s Day, take some family photos, and they were able to check out our new house.

Last time I saw them in Atlanta, Ruthie wasn’t with them for that trip so she seems all grown up now and has a spunky little personality. She was such a trooper during the photo shoot and didn’t complain once! The only thing that she worried about was when the flying rainbow unicorn stuffed animal that she wished for when throwing her penny into the fountain was going to come to her. Hope your wish came true Ruthie!

Scroll to catch a glimpse of our afternoon and see how photogenic this family is!

So happy to see you all!

-Love, Cally

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