Holder Family | Fall Session

Lately it has been very rare to catch a perfectly sunny and semi warm day here in Atlanta. It’s either been raining or freezing and I am so glad we were able to get a gorgeous day for the Holder Family session!

These photos turned out so sweet! While we have been going to the same Church as the Holder’s for a few years we actually only just met them several months ago when we recently moved into their neighborhood and I am so glad we did. We have been able to get to know them better the past few months and already cherish our friendship with them!

A few things to note about this session:

  • When I tried to get some of just Laura and Nathan they told me they didn’t do any of those “cutsey” married couple poses, but the two of them are adorable as you will see.
  • As many times as I have seen Jack (the youngest), pretty sure he has never smiled at me… I was determined for that to change on this day.

Scroll through to see a sample of their session, and if I got jack to smile.

Got Jack to smile!… Okay, well his mom standing behind me did, but still!

See, you guys are so cute!


Got them to do one ‘cute’ photo! Love it… and Jack’s Smile!


Brotherly Love

Love, Cally

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